Fracture Treatment

Evaluation and Diagnosis: The first step in fracture treatment is a thorough evaluation and diagnosis. A medical professional will assess the type and severity of the fracture using physical examinations, X-rays, or other imaging techniques. This process helps determine the most appropriate treatment approach for each individual case.

Immobilization: Stabilizing the fractured bone is crucial to facilitate proper healing. Immobilization is typically achieved through the use of casts, splints, or braces. These devices hold the broken bone in place, preventing further damage and allowing the body to repair itself. The duration of immobilization depends on the type and location of the fracture.

Reduction Techniques: In certain cases, realigning the fractured bones may be necessary. Reduction techniques are employed to restore proper alignment and ensure optimal healing. There are two main types of reduction:

Closed Reduction: In this non-surgical approach, the physician manually manipulates the broken bones back into their correct position. It is usually performed under anesthesia and may be accompanied by imaging techniques to guide the process.

Open Reduction: Surgical intervention is required for complex fractures or cases where closed reduction is not feasible. During open reduction, the surgeon makes an incision to access the fracture site, realigns the bones, and uses various internal fixation methods such as screws, plates, rods, or pins to hold the bone fragments together.

Pain Management: Fractures can cause significant pain, which is addressed through pain management techniques. Over-the-counter pain relievers may be recommended for mild to moderate pain. In cases of severe pain, prescription medications may be provided. Your healthcare provider will guide you on the most suitable pain management approach for your specific situation.

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