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What we known for among our patients

We start with the right Diagnostic Tests, focus on giving you immediate Pain Relief followed by Correcting Problem from its Roots and, then, focus on stopping recurrence.

Total Knee Replacement

Arthroscopic Reconstruction

Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization

Trauma and Fracture Surgery

Advanced Treatments Followed

Latest techniques and treatment plans like Visco supplements, PRP with alpha-2 macroglobulin

Less Surgical Intervention

We always give a chance to heal up with minimal surgical intervention whenever there is a possibility

Excellent Results

Our treatment protocols has been proved to give Excellent results according our patients opinion


Our treatment plans are the best yet affordable when you compared to any of our peers.

What patient's Say

Our patients are our best advocates,
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An Orthopaedic doctor is one who deals in diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems by surgical or non surgical methods. Yes, an Orthopaedist is same as an Orthopaedic doctor or surgeon.